Working with GHS, we created media content to increase a more diverse body of applicants for Brown University. 

More and more, universities need to use creative, online, and digital marketing solutions to attract students, according to

Not only did we understand the target market, we were also eager to produce valuable content for a prestigious university.

We have pride in what we are doing, both together as a community and individually as thinkers as students.
— Anna Martin, Student at Brown








With a visual marketing campaign covering 15 videos, we took a different approach from a more commercial-looking visual project, opting for capturing organic and candid moments to highlight the character and culture of Brown University.

Over the 3-day on-location shoot we achieved a streamlined interview and recording process despite students' busy schedules.

The post production went smoothly as GHS and Brown Universitiy's Admission Department were very invested in the editing process. GoogleDrive is our best friend, allowing us to exchange over 3 hours of content for the 3-month campaign!




We were honored to work with Brown's Admission Department to help them appeal to and recruit more diverse applicants based on the culture and benefits that we highlighted in the campaign videos. 

All 15 videos have been published on Brown's YouTube channel, with a steady release of one video a week. In total, the 15 videos have generated over 10k hits in under 2 months.

Not only was Brown University able to present their campus and culture to prospective students, they also had steady content to post on their social media, which kept their social media relevant and their followers engaged.


Production: George Howard Strategic / EmVision
Camera Crew: Jonas Em, Doa Somer, David Alves
Sound Engineer: Ozden Gumus
Editing: Jonas Em / Doa Somer
Colorist: Jonas Em / Doa Somer
Audio Production: Mike Cip