When Becca of MyStryde, Boston's first running studio, found our work on Instagram, she needed a commercial-quality, branded content video asap (as in, yesterday!), to accelerate their success among Boston's running and sports enthusiasts.

They had media inquiries and customers asking for visual content explaining MyStryde, as well as a growing social media presence that demanded new, high-quality content. 

The desired product was 2 minutes long, consisting of interviews with three MyStryde instructors, and highlighting the facility and runners in a creative and inspirational way.  


MyStryde, located in the North End, will offer a bunch of different classes, including one called “Stryde,” a faster-paced, small interval workout.








Before storyboarding the video, we visited MyStryde to meet Becca in person and get a feel of their studio. Their entrance hall boasted character, so we interviewed Becca there. The studio itself fits over 12 treadmills, emanating a cozy, but high-energy feel. "The perfect mood for a runners high," Becca said.

Thus, our storyboard reflected the MyStryde feel and energy, while explaining their services to future clients.

Despite a very stormy day that could have delayed production, our shoot at MyStryde went as planned. Our 3-man crew recorded three interviews, captured a class, and took cinematic shots for fillers in the video.

We brought in extra lighting sources to showcase the studio's interior, creating the dramatic look that Becca wanted.

During the shoot, a participant looked onto our screen, bluntly stating that the footage looked dull. And he was right.

We shoot all our footage in a flat color profile, to have full creative control over the color and contrast of each shot. This is why it looks flat at first.

With color grading, we can bring out intense, dramatic feels to heighten a video's mood.





We love to challenge ourselves constantly. With Mystryde being on a time crunch, and in the need for professional, cinematic looking branded visual content, we were the right partners for them on this project. It is always fun to work with young, ambitious entrepreneurs just like us, and help them establish themselves in their industry.


  • Production: EmVision
  • Camera Crew: Jonas Em, Doa Somer
  • Storyboard: Jonas Em, Doa Somer
  • Editing: Jonas Em / Doa Somer
  • Colorist : Jonas Em / Doa Somer